The Benefits of Dual SIM Phones – A Businessman’s Best Friend

From a basic look around the block, you can tell that mobile phones have, without a doubt, become a major facet in all our lives and the humble SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card will be present in most (if not all) the mobile phones you see. If you don’t have one, phone calls and messaging won’t be working for you. Much of this is already known, however, recently a new SIM feature has been creeping up on the public conscience; two slots for installing two SIM cards at the same time. You might be asking ‘If one SIM works, why do I need two?’. My answer would be, anyone who owns a cell phone would potentially find dual SIM slots very useful, but you businessmen in particular will get a lot of benefits out of this kind of phone.

Dual SIMs effectively separate your personal life from your business life.
If you are a person who uses a business phone, you might find it very embarrassing having to tell your superior whenever you receive or make personal call on the company’s phone. With the possibility of a dual SIM phone though, separating your contacts is simple and easy. All you need is to keep one SIM card dedicated to your personal contacts, and then you can use the other SIM card only for business. As an aside, having slots your business contacts separated form your personal ones makes track keeping much easier. You will know right away if the call is business or personal just by looking at which SIM is registering a ring.

Dual SIMs can save you money and might give you better service simultaneously.
Do you happen to have a cell phone plan that has great deals for making calls, but might come at the expense of poor coverage and high costs for some features you feel you need? If your phone has two SIM slots then you are also potentially getting two different cellular providers, so getting exactly what you need from a cell phone plan (for example deals giving you roll over minutes or unlimited SMS) is as easy as picking and choosing one provider for some features, and another for others.

Dual SIM slots makes for easier international travel.
Travelers who come and go to foreign countries quite often usually have two unappetizing choices; to either have one phone with two separate SIM cards that get switched when needed, or having two different phones that have their own SIM card installed. Either way, having to keep track of two SIMs or two phones, is more trouble than it is worth. However, having two simultaneously installed SIM cards means that the moment you arrive in a foreign country, you will instantly have the ability to switch over to local SIM card with less chances of misplacing your original SIM card or having two phones to care for. If you get the chance, make sure you buy a phone that is quad band gsm in order that your phone will operate smoothly, no matter the location.