Does the world really believe in Religion or see it as a Heritage of Disaster? Hajj plus

Another terrorist act befell on September 8th at Jakarta,Guest Posting Indonesia. The attack injured more than a hundred and eighty and killing at least 9. The latest assault by using al quaeda changed into only a touch on what this horrific group can do.

This organization has been stated several times during the last haji plus few years and has won more interest in view that claiming the 9-11 attacks. This institution has a big program within Southeast Asia in addition to inside the Middle East. Since that is the case, Muslims round the sector had been positioned right into a small basket and taken into consideration as terrorists.

Terrorists have been round on account that the start of time, however now are placed into the spotlight. The fanatic groups aren’t limited to simply one race or faith, so why then is there this sort of need to name one institution “Muslim Terrorists” and yet the alternative terrorist businesses aren’t identified via a religion?

Mohammad wouldn’t approve of such awful acts, in particular towards the brothers of Islam (Christianity and Judaism). These companies made of by and large Muslims should no longer be generalized by the American or foreign media. Calling the fanatic organization “Muslim Terrorists” is like calling all Muslims terrorists.

The ones who name for the Jihad are in no manner in rate of different Muslims. These so known as “Leaders of Islam” is only a myth. Islam has no clean chief. The chief of Islam is simply similar to every other member of Islam. One who prays to Allah is as holy because the so referred to as “Clerics.” Islam isn’t like Catholicism in which the Pope is the holiest of all of them and has a clear chief. So why then are people making this sort of fuss approximately the clerics calling for Jihad? A true Muslim knows now not to pay attention to such idiocy.

The past week has been full of troubling acts by using terrorists, from the school takeover to the scenario in Jakarta. Our lives are becoming more and more treasured via the moment. Not due to a sure race or faith, but due to a few who visit the extreme.